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How Do I Care for My Incision?

For Patients

So you are about to have a surgery, and you will have an incision.  What should you expect?  How do you care for the area?  And what are the do’s and don’t of incision care?  Obviously you should check in with my team, and by no means is this all the possible recommendations, but hopefully […]

Scrubs.  Those colorful cloth pajamas that everyone dons when entering the hallowed sanctuary of the operating room environment.  They are meant to allow the care provider to create one extra layer of barrier between the bugs and dirt of the outside world and the hermetically controlled environment of the operating suites.  And, quite frankly, it […]

Almost every patient asks me this same question, how long will I be in the hospital after surgery?  Makes sense right?  Your family needs to know how to plan, who to call, and to arrange logistics.  Being in a hospital is not something we experience in our daily life.  It can seem intimidating!  The bottom […]


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