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I'm taking on the future of neurosurgery, robotics research and innovation in order to affect mindfulness, less waste, better outcomes and health for patients, physicians and the planet.
I find the 'impossible ideas' the exciting ones, and I use them to create  world-changing innovations.



minimally invasive

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and the art of being entirely human



surgical robotics, regenerative waste reduction, medical devices, and health & safety technologies

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I'm a Zen meditating, brain tumor removing, quirky, creative nerd churning away at life as a detail oriented intellectual with a penchant for bad jokes, who loves dadding, making a mean breakfast, and dreaming big ideas into reality

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"Why has Bodhidharma no beard?"

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Everything from tracking surgical instruments with novel technology, regenerative waste reduction, surgical robotics, to making our environments cleaner and safer

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“Dr. Codd was warm, caring, open and honest. ”

A Patient

“My provider Dr. Codd best doctor ever I seen in my life. Very skilled on his work and very kind person and he has a very nice staff.”
A Patient

“Dr. Codd and his staff are excellent! I thank them very much for my surgery and all follow up visits! First class all the way!!”
A Patient

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