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What I'm about

I'm here to find better ways to care for the brain. From minimally invasive brain surgery techniques to innovations that reduce waste in Hospitals and the environment. Because of my Zen Buddhist background, I approach these questions with a thoughtful, inquisitive spirit that leads me and my teams into the future.

Teacher and Student

My Education

All my teaching begins with being a student first. I begin with questions that require me to always remain a student of how to work with intention, care and respect for the human body and the resources we have. My work as a student began at Caltech studying Biology where I became focused on the human brain. I went on to get my Doctorate of Medicine from Harvard Medical School and M.I.T.'s combined program where I engaged with robotics and innovation. 

I stayed in Boston as a Resident at Massachusetts General Hospital affiliated with Harvard Medical School for Neurosurgery training. As a fellow I chose to be the student of the top endoscopic and minimally invasive neurosurgeon in the world and in 2019 I became Board Certified in Neurosurgery. I believe you can't care for a human with a pile of diplomas so I am endlessly learning, investigating, striving, creating and exploring.

I make a big breakfasts and big messes with my kids, while we adventure, wonder, and learn from each other what it means to grow up. I marvel that while cutting into a brain is challenging, it pales in comparison to getting a three-year-old to eat dinner.  The art of showing up for my family falls first in the order of priorities for living a good life.  I can toss around accolades till I am blue in the face, but my greatest achievement will hopefully be children who live full, happy lives acting as stewards of our world and each other.

My family


I was inspired to be a doctor by my grandfather, a classic “black bag” physician, who practiced family medicine with grace, compassion, and enthusiasm I strive to emulate.  Compassionate, inquisitive and skilled, he took care of countless families and patients. It may seem these days like a time gone-by, but it is fundamentally what we all yearn for in a true physician.  I strive to be like him every day, and with every patient I have the privilege of caring for. 


My Grandfather

My Compassion 

The Spirit of

At the bottom of it, we are all just humans a part of, not apart from, the natural world. Nothing special. And yet...and infinitely special.  We face the joys, fears, heartaches and successes together.  We are part of this interconnected fabric of all beings, and we are not separate from it.  This is our collective gateway to compassion and my work every day.

My approach

The sPIRIT of

I treat everyone like I would treat my own family.  Because after all, we are bound by the great interconnectedness of being human and inseparable from everything around us.  It is with this mind that I approach my avocation as a physician, my calling as a Zen Buddhist Priest, my passion as an innovator for building technologies to improve the world, and as simply a human living a human life.

My seven Piece Robe

Zen Buddhist 

Starting as a wide eyed teenager trying figure out the meaning of life in the halls of a Los Angeles Zen center, to being ordained as a Zen Priest, I have spent over two decades listening to the sound of one hand clapping.  I am an eternal student of Zen, practitioner and teacher.  May it serve all beings.


As the Founder and Director of the Brain Tool Lab at Duke University, I am always questioning and working towards making techniques and technology perform better. The Brain Tool Lab has allowed the launch of two innovative companies in which I hold the position as Chief Medical Officer- 
Mente -Surgical Implement Tracking and
Thexa - Thermal Tracking for Smart Sanitation


The fancy titles don't change that I still have to put my pants on one leg at a time and eat too many pancakes on Sundays. I love walks in the woods with my family, making messes in the kitchen, and get annoyed by traffic. I love fantasy novels and the Lord of the Rings. I wear my heart on my sleeve and tear up at the thought of my kids growing one year older. 

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