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How Do I Care for My Incision?

For Patients

So you are about to have a surgery, and you will have an incision.  What should you expect?  How do you care for the area?  And what are the do’s and don’t of incision care?  Obviously you should check in with my team, and by no means is this all the possible recommendations, but hopefully […]

  Over the years, there are many questions that seem to come up frequently. My incredible nurse practitioner Denise Lally-Goss and I have compiled a list of our top questions to help provide some general guidance and thoughts.  Obviously these are general recommendations, and by no means do they apply to everyone in every circumstance!  […]

Second Opinion

When you first hear that you have a brain tumor, it can feel totally overwhelming.  Fear, confusion, and desperation are all normal experiences when it comes to such a diagnosis.  There is suddenly a flurry medical terms and data being thrown around.  MRI scans are done, CT scans performed.  There may be PET scans, blood […]


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